Energy Storage

Energy StorageEnergy Storage technology is advancing quickly and GreenWorld Partners offers the best solutions for utility-scale, commercial, community and non-profit projects. Combined with our solar or solar/wind hybrid systems energy storage provides consistent, firm renewable power.

Delivering Safe Energy Storage

We provide utility, C&I and micro-grid scale safe energy storage solutions to operators of utilities, thin-grids and island grids that have a significant renewable energy production component. Our products deliver a uniquely safe, reliable and scalable energy system. The result is a 20 year profit-producing solution with rapid ROI -and industry awards around best practices and storage innovation.

We offer the world’s first safe, clean, reliable and cost effective grid storage battery. The system implements low-cost, non-acid Zinc/Iron chemistry enabling manufacturing with inexpensive construction materials. The battery stacks are molded construction with proprietary elements that have overcome the shunt issues historically afflicting flow batteries.

Energy StorageOur three primary products are targeted at the C&I, utility and micro-grid market. The Z20 is a 80kw/160kwh system housed in a 20ft shipping container. The GS200 is a building block of the 1MW assembly using five 20ft shipping containers providing 3MWh of energy. The ZAC is an integrated storage unit with grid tie hardware for installation simplicity.

The zinc-iron Redox storage technology is designed and manufactured for large scale energy storage applications. Our modular unit is a 20 foot shipping container which can be combined and scaled to provide storage solutions for projects ranging from 100 kW to 100 MW. The zinc-iron Redox battery provides superior safety, durability and performance at a price that breaks the threshold for widespread market acceptance and deployment. Key differentiators lie in its safety, abundance of core raw materials, simplicity of design, and the robust nature of the chemistry which provide a 20-year expected life.