Solar Energy Development

GreenWorld Partners focuses on 50 kW and larger Commercial/Non-profit projects and 2 – 20 MW utility-scale developments. Our expert team will facilitate the development from site control, design, construction and finance. Whether a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), commercial offtaker or non-profit institution we can orchestrate all of the necessary pieces that ensure a successful project.

Criteria for identifying usable land for solar project:Solar Energy Projects

  • Open ground of 50 acres or more which is relatively flat
  • Access from public roads
  • Nearby power lines and/or utility substation
  • Free of environmental issues such as protected species, tipi rings, wetlands, etc.
  • Community support

Creating Revenue for Landowners

Whether it be a land lease or outright purchase, we can discuss the options that work best for your acreage. Currently the huge demand for Clean Power has created the opportunity for landowners to capitalize on alternative use of their property.